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Beyond the Exhibit
Contextualising of the Emerging Iranian Artists

Curated by: Shahram Entekhabi | Asieh Salimian
Artists: Shaghayegh Ahmadian | Negar (Zahra) Alemzade Gorji | Mostafa Choobtarash | Negar Ghiamat | Fahime Haghighi | Sara Hosseini Sefiddashti | Mehrdad Jafari | Alireza Nekouei | Roohangiz Safarinezhad | Rene Saheb | Farzin Shadmehr | Shahryar Rezaei |

7th January - 21th January 2018
Katharina Maria Raab Gallery

Panel discussion organized in conjunction with exhibition:

January 11, 2018
Contemporary Art Production in Iran and Beyond
With: Julia Allerstorfer (Institute for history and Theory of art, KU Linz) | Dr. Charlotte Bank (zakharif projects), A.S. Bruckstein Çoruh (ha’atelier/Taswir projects) | Katrin Nahidi (FU Berlin)| Asieh Salimian (Factory TT). Moderation: Shahram Entekhabi

January 21, 2018
Curating under Restrictions / Finding Alternatives
With: Kathrin Becker (n.b.k.) | Alexander Koch (KOW Berlin, New Patrons) and Christy Woody (Aperto Raum Berlin) | Moderation: Katharina Maria Raab

Factory TT Berlin/Tehran encourages encounters of international intellectuals, scholars and the public with emerging Iranian artists to create possibilities to produce new bodies of work and to respond to cultural, economic, and social contexts as an essential foundation for a further development of contemporary art in Iran. Factory TT Berlin/Tehran challenges the Iranian art scenes status quo. It was initiated in 2015 by Shahram Entekhabi and Asieh Salimian.

NOTE: Factory TT is neither supported by any government, nor any political interest, ideology or religion.
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