Beyond the Exhibition I. Contextualising of the Emerging Iranian Artists

Beyond the Exhibit 3.14
Contextualising Emerging Iranian Artists

Curated by: Shahram Entekhabi + Asieh Salimian

Artists: Shaghayegh Ahmadian . Negar (Zahra) Alemzade Gorji . Mostafa Choobtarash . Negar Ghiamat . Fahime Haghighi . Sara Hosseini Sefiddashti . Mehrdad Jafari . Alireza Nekouei . Roohangiz Safarinezhad . Rene Saheb . Farzin Shadmehr . Shahryar Rezaei

3rd March January - 4th April 2018
Opening: Friday, 2nd March 2018, 6 pm

Vågsallmenningen 12, 5014 Bergen, Hordaland (

The way how art is dealt with in Iran has been transformed into a system of economic speculation and art forgery. Discoursive questions and contextual attitudes are ignored. The lack of an institutional system, of adequate educational opportunities and of encounters with an international art community causes a closed-mindedness of the art establishment that is based on history, traditions, and crafts only–perpetuating outdated values. There is neither room to experiment nor to deal with socio-political issues. The primary ambition is to sell.

When selecting the artists for the exhibition the main focus was not as much on the their exhibition biography as on the presence of a certain socio-political issue in their works. The title of the exhibition indicates that the project goes beyond the mere presentation of artistic works. All exhibition contributions are accompanied by interviews with the participants, initiated, directed and filmed by Shahram Entekhabi and Asieh Salimian. These video clips shed light on the respective artistic career, the social position of the artist, the conditions of production and their themes.

In her video installations and paintings, Negar (Zahra) Alemzade Gorji is questioning stereotypical gender roles for women in traditional societies. In her work Split, 2017, she is searching for a balance within the domestic–public dichotomy, to find her place and her identity in that balance. In the work Transformation, Negar Alemzade Gorji has drawn filigree, upward-striving bundles of figures on a white shroud that could be flowers, but also human bodies. Death, as the composition could be interpreted, is certain. With a humorous and personal approach Mustafa Choobtarash (Dezful) reflects in his installations and paintings Iranian history. Fahimeh Haghighi lives in Isfahan and works as a teacher with marginalized children at the margins of society, to whom she gives a face in her paintings. Sarah Hosseini Sefiddashti from Isfahan's photorealistic paintings deals with the situation of women in public places, especially with a large number of acid attacks in Isfahan and their psycho-social impact on society. In his drawings and installations Mehrdad Jafari focuses on decision-making processes related to migration. In his spatial experiments in the medium of painting, Alireza Nekouei deals with isolation and exclusion in society. Roohangiz Safarinezhade leads a consumer-critical discourse and addresses the impact of industrial society on the environment. The photographic works of Farzin Shadmehr show women beyond traditional role models: athletes and the disabled. Shahryar Rezaei from the desert town of Kerman works on the subject of rural depopulation and migration. Also works by Shaghayegh Ahmadian, Negar Ghiamat and Rene Saheb will be on display.

Factory TT Berlin/Tehran encourages encounters of international intellectuals, scholars and the public with emerging Iranian artists – to create possibilities to produce new bodies of work and to respond to cultural, economic, and social contexts as an essential foundation for a further development of contemporary art in Iran. Factory TT Berlin/Tehran was initiated in 2015 by Shahram Entekhabi and Asieh Salimian.

3nd March January - 4th April 2018
(Opening: Friday, 2nd March 2018, 6 pm)

Vågsallmenningen 12, 5014 Bergen, Hordaland

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Contextualising Emerging Iranian Artists
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NOTE: Factory TT is neither supported by any government, nor any political interest, ideology or religion.